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A Research, Innovation and Product Development Department is be established at eGov Jamaica Limited to explore new technologies and methodologies for e-government services.eGov is the entity responsible for implementing information and... Read more
Stephen Price, FLOW managing director, shares a moment with students at Merl Grove High School where the Flow Foundation hosted a half-day youth seminar on Internet safety, yesterday.  MORE than 300 high schools participated in the local... Read more
Stressing the clear and present danger of sharing personal information on social media, educator and chief executive officer of AIM Educational Services, Nicole McLaren-Campbell, is urging young people to be more responsible Internet users.She noted... Read more
A total of 9,100 students in 10 primary schools across the island are to benefit from the Digital Mobile Classroom project.The initiative, which will also impact 30 teachers and administrators, enhancing their skills and competencies, aims to... Read more