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FLOW Foundation promotes safer Internet use

Stephen Price, FLOW managing director, shares a moment with students at Merl Grove High School where the Flow Foundation hosted a half-day youth seminar on Internet safety, yesterday.  

MORE than 300 high schools participated in the local observations of Safer Internet, led by the FLOW Foundation, yesterday under the international theme, 'Create, Connect and Share Respect — A safer Internet starts with you'.

The half-day youth seminar held at Merl Grove High School featured a mix of local 'social media influencers' and technical experts zoned in on cyber security, online reputation management, threats to personal safety and the disturbing, yet growing trend of cyberbullying among Jamaican youth.

Dr Moniphia Hewling, head of the local Cyber Incident Response Team, an arm of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, shared some eye-opening facts about many devices and online applications that could pose threats to privacy and even facilitate identity theft for less savvy Internet users. “Many of us simply do not take enough time to safeguard our privacy online. Many of us give permission to apps without thinking and this could lead to financial loss or even personal harm. As the technology evolve, we must adapt, especially as it relates to our personal security,” Hewling stated.

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