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Greater emphasis placed on STEM deliberate, says MOE

THE Ministry of Education (MOE) says the greater emphasis placed on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the National Standards Curriculum is deliberate and aims to rebrand the technical and vocational areas.

“STEM was used as one of the philosophical underpinnings for the development of the curriculum. We looked at what was happening in other countries and utilised a similar approach. So the whole aspect of project-based learning is infused in the curriculum where the students are actually learning the fundamentals of science,” said Dr Grace McLean, chief education officer.

She was speaking to reporters and editors at last week's Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange.

In relation to the progress of a STEM -based curriculum, Dr McLean said the MOE, since 2014, has been doing the integration and infusion of STEM in the education system, wherein eight secondary level institutions were identified as pilot in the curriculum's development, which ensured that the STEM underpinnings were included right through to grade nine.

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