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We exist to revolutionize the Government of Jamaica’s interactions with its entities, citizenry and businesses through harnessing the power of ICT.

About Our Vision, Mission and Values

April 1986 - commenced operations

Board of Directors
Dr. Lloyd Waller - Board Chairperson
About Our Board of Directors


Executive Management
About Our Executive Management Team 

Major Clients

  • Tax Administration Jamaica
  • Jamaica Customs Department
Major Clients

Technical Expertise

Our team of technical experts value lifelong learning with persons acquiring PhD, MBAs, M.Sc., B.Sc., industry certifications such as PMP, CCNA, A+, Network+, CSA, MCSA, IBM Data Power, IBM WebSphere, CISA, Check Point Certified Security Expert, etc.





We were incorporated in Jamaica under the Companies Act as a limited liability company on April 15, 1985. The Company commenced operations in April 1986. The Revenue Board, on behalf of the Government of Jamaica held the Authorized Shares initially but those shares were subsequently transferred on March 31, 1991 to the Accountant General, a corporation sole pursuant to the power vested in him by the Crown Property (Vesting) Act 1960.

The initial capitalization cost required for building construction, purchasing of computers and the acquisition of technical assistance was provided in the form of grants by the European Economic Community (EEC), United States AID (USAID), World Bank and the Government of Jamaica Counterpart funding. Provision for annual development and operating expenses are included in the Government of Jamaica Estimates of Expenditures.

In April 1991, the Ministry of Industry, Production and Commerce declared the premises on which eGov Jamaica Limited is located to be a free zone. On December 13, 1999, the Company’s name was changed from Fiscal Services (EDP) Limited to Fiscal Services Limited (FSL) in keeping with the then expanded role to provide IT services to MOFP and the revenue departments. On January 12, 2013 the Cabinet gave an approval for the repositioning of Fiscal Services Limited (FSL) as the entity with responsibility for implementing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) projects across the Government of Jamaica. The repositioning includes the restructuring of the organisation, changing of portfolio ministry from the Ministry of Finance & Planning (MOFP) to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (MSTEM) who is in charge of ICT and a name change, from Fiscal Services Limited (FSL) to eGov Jamaica Limited in keeping with the expanding role of the organisation to provide ICT services to the government.



eGovJa has a highly skilled technical staff having expertise in all aspects of Information Technology.  Ongoing staff empowerment is ensured through formal training and its long-standing culture of research and knowledge sharing among staff.

Our expertise includes:

  • Project Management – with experienced project managers who expertly guide the delivery of all projects from inception to closing.
  • Software Engineers and Business Analysts – Our experienced business and systems analysts, highly skilled web developers and programmers, have developed numerous multi-tiered architecture systems and mobile applications. Professional Java, IBM Data Power, and IBM WebSphere certifications are held by several developers.
  • Network and eServices Engineers – Our highly skilled and experienced network engineers have developed and maintained a Wide Area Network (WAN) spanning the 30 Collectorates island wide and several government agencies.  Several of our engineers are A+ and CISCO certified.
  • Database Administrators – eGovJa has been developing systems utilizing Informix and DB2 database for over 10 years.  Our DBAs are masters of the art and science of data management.
  • System Administrators – A highly competent team with an impeccable record of keeping our internet and business-critical systems secure and have years of experience working with several operating systems such UNIX, LINUX and Windows. 
  • IT Security Engineers – A solid team of IT security personnel firewall the company’s assets, do business continuity and disaster recovery planning, and security assessments. We have persons who are CISA, Check Point Certified Security Administrator and Check Point Certified Security Expert certified.
  • Quality Management – Our Quality Management team is very adept at ensuring our clients receive systems of the highest quality. This team utilizes the latest automated testing tools to put system under the rigorous tests.
  • Administrative Support Group – Our Administrative Support team consist of Finance, Planning, HR, Administration and Audit staff. This is a highly engaged team that provides support to the operational team.