Government of Jamaica

Our expertise and dominance in the development and acquisition of software allows us to provide valuable support in providing you with cutting edge business solutions. We aim to satisfy your needs as our team utilize state of the art development tools to design and develop applications that will improve your business operations. Over the years we have developed a wide range of products for varying types of services.  This includes accounting systems, tax systems, trade systems, payrolls, web services, ePayment systems, inventory systems and database systems.

Our highly qualified team of developer design and develop applications as per our clients’ requirements. There are times that clients may require their business applications to be customised to suit their needs, and we are available to assist with that process.

The Quality and Release Management Department comprises two units, the Quality Assurance Unit (QA) and the Change and Release Management Unit.  The Quality Assurance unit provides Software Testing services utilising International Software Testing Methodologies.  The QA Unit is staffed with Internationally Certified Software Testing (ISTQB) Quality Assurance Analysts with a wealth of experience spanning anywhere between five to fifteen years.  The Unit's  mandate is to provide verification that the applications developed and acquired by the organisation meet the requirements  of the...

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eGovJa provides a secure, real-time online credit card processing gateway (eGovJa Payment Gateway - PayGate) to receive electronic payments from our clients’ customers. Ongoing technical support is provided for the ePayment facility and training to operate and manage the system is provided.  High availability and the highest level of security are employed while processing transactions accurately and promptly though the use of a security certificate that provides powerful Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for securing customers' sensitive information during online transactions using the...

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We facilitate interface implementation for selected applications.  This includes integration of our eGovJa ePayment facility in applications that we either build or customise.

eGovJa assists our clients in selecting and implementing applications that meet their business needs.